Chau V.
Long Beach, CA

Steffon should be named the Jesus of hairstyling because he performed some SERIOUS miracles on my layers.

After wandering aimlessly around Noe Valley, I randomly stumbled into Episode upon seeing a enticing bright pink "40%-off-all-services" (for new clients) sign in front of the salon.  I hadn't gotten my hair cut for the last 5 months, due to a traumatic experience I had at a salon in Vietnam that left my layers catastrophically uneven and  thin at the crown (the haircut was 2 dollars, what did i really expect???) I was traumatized from the experience and was trying to let my hair grow out as much as i could, but the ends of my hair were dying and I knew needed a change, stat.

The recovery period after an atrocious haircut can be metaphorically compared to the healing of a broken heart;  it takes a friggin' long time, and when you're ready to get back in the scene again and start 'seeing' other people/stylists, you're apprehensive and damaged, and you don't want to hand your hair/heart over to just any ol' guy.  Alright, so maybe that's a bit dramatic, but you can imagine how nervous I felt upon entering Episode salon.

It was a late Saturday evening but they took me in anyway despite not having an appointment (albeit the fact that the salon was pretty empty anyway).  The receptionist gave me a thorough shampoo and an amazing head and scalp massage that calmed my haircutting-nerves.  After 15 minutes of headrubbing bliss, she relayed me off to Steffon, who subsequently took over for the rest of the job.

Steffon was very attentive to what I wanted, although I basically only told him that I just needed him to fix my hair and not royally screw it up like the last guy did (not verbatim, but Steffon got the point).  He spent a good deal of time meticulously examining and reexamining my locks and bouncing suggestions and ideas off me before venturing in with the scissor work.  Steffon works very quickly while maintaining high levels of precision and skill, and if you are skeptical about his abilities you can consult the millions of awards and certifications he has hanging up on his wall.  He's also fun and easy to talk to too, which is a plus because it makes the experience a lot more comfortable and enjoyable (I've had stylists who remain silent for the entire duration of a haircut..awkward?)

In the end, I loved my cut.  Steffon restyled the layers, trimmed the bangs, took off a few inches, and pulled it all together to create exactly what I wanted: a very cohesive, modern, and low-maintenance look. With the 40% promotion, my cut cost a total of $48+tip.  I think the normal price for a haircut is approximately $60-70, which is a bit steep on my wallet, but I truly believe that, as with everything, you really get what you pay for. (ahem, 2 dollar haircut in Vietnam?)


Virginia G.
San Francisco, CA

The price at this salon was reasonable compared to the "thermal reconditioning specialist' at union square, who I went in for a consultation and called me for my results for a test strand 3 weeks later, while I was actually in Episode salon getting my hair done.

Steffon answered all my questions and was patient with how skeptical I was about the procedure ( I had it done years ago with bio -ionic and it did nothing!). I didn't like that I was asked to sign a contract that basically stated if my hair gets frizzy, damaged or falls out that the salon is not responsible (I would take away a star for this, but the results were great).

A hair cut is also included in the price...
I just washed my hair after waiting 72 hours from having gotten Thermal Reconditioning (Japanese Straightening). I used the blow dry for only a few minuets and noticed my hair wasn't becoming a frizzy mess! My hair went from pretty curly and frizzy to straight.  The procedure took about 8 hours. My ends are a little dry, but I expect that to go away with conditioning. Wow!!!!! it actually worked this time =)

I will put up a pic before and after in my profile.